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Why Kangen Water

WQA Gold Seal Award

WQAgoldsealKangen water ionizers are the only water ionizers in the world to receive the Gold Seal certification award from the WQA.

The Water Quality Association(WQA) is one of the most reputable non-profit trade associations in the world and the WQA Gold Seal Certificate is a highly recognized and prestigious award only presented to the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of quality drinking water.

Used as a Medical Device in Hundreds of Hospitals in Japan.

ISO 13485 - Proof of licensing of Medical Device

ISO 13485 – Proof of licensing of Medical Device

Kangen water machines are approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare and has supplied ionized water to many hospitals in Japan for over 40 years.

In fact, it is the only water ionizer in the market to supply ionized alkaline and acidic water for heavy duty and critical use in hundreds of hospitals and thousands of restaurants.
Kangen Water used in Japan Hospitals

What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water

Kangen water is considered the best water for drinking because of its unparalleled powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.
– Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Author, The Enzyme Factor – Pg 159

Dr Shinya has performed over 370,000 colonoscopies and is the Clinical Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine & Chief of the Endoscopy Unit of Beth Israel Hospital in New York.

A glass of Kangen Water has greater antioxidant capacity than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I bought a Kangen machine for my clinic and started giving them out to my patients. The following day, patients were coming in to get more water and they were even bringing in their friends and families.

I asked them what they were noticing – everything from reducing their intake of insulin for diabetes, having less pain, and having better sleep. The results were absolutely phenomenal.” – Dr. Dave Carpenter

Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, Graduate of Central States College as a Naturopathic Doctor, Past President and member of the Board of Directors of the International Iridology Practitioners Association, IIPA certified comprehensive Iridologist, and Diplomat of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncturists.

Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizers

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Kangen Water Machines

The 5 Types of Water

Kangen water ionizers are capable of producing 5 types of water for drinking, cleaning and beauty:

Washing VegetablesStrong Alkaline Water (pH 11.0)

Strong Kangen Water has a very strong cleaning effect and can be used for sterilizing vegetables and poultry, removing stains and dish washing.

Drinking Alkaline Water Ionized Alkaline Water (pH 8.5 – 9.5)

Kangen Water is ideal for drinking and comes in 3 different alkaline pH levels of 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5. It has a powerful dissolving effect as a result of its micro-clustered state and can be used to draw out the full flavor of coffee, tea, vegetables, soups and stew.

Taking MediClean Water (pH 7.0)

Neutral in pH and free of chlorine and other contaminants, Clean Water is delicious and is also ideal for preparing baby food or taking with medication.

Beauty WaterBeauty Water (pH 4.0 – 6.0)

Slightly acidic and known for its astringent capabilities, Beauty Water is effective in toning your skin after a shower and closing your pores after washing your face.

Disinfecting waterStrong Acidic Water (pH 2.7)

Strong Acidic Water possesses strong disinfecting properties and can be used to disinfect kitchenware and sanitize your hands or even used as a mouth rinse to kill bacteria.

Comparing Kangen Water Ionizer with other ionizers:

There are now many new water ionizer machines out there in the market since the success of the LeveLuk Kangen Water Ionizer Series.

Unknown to the public, many new and upcoming alkaline water ionizer brands claim to be in the industry for many years, when many of them actually only purchased Private Label Branding Rights from manufacturers that produce cheap and low quality machines. There have been reports of people drinking from alkaline water ionizers that use multi filters (one of which uses coral calcium) and getting kidney stones.

Enagic, a 39 year old Japanese company, is the sole manufacturer of the Kangen LeveLuk Alkaline Water Ionizer series. It is also the longest standing water ionizer manufacturer in its industry, approved by many international organizations and certified as a Medical Device by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as well as the ISO 13485Certification for Medical Device Compliance.

Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare

Ministry of Health Labour and welfare certificate - Enagic INC

Osake Prefecture

Medical Device Manufacturing license

When comparing ionizers, the ORP readings and pH levels produced may be the same when bought initially, however users of lowly priced ionizers have found that their water ionizers have started to drop in performance after about 6 months to a year, producing less alkaline water and lower ORP readings. Studies have shown the drop in quality relating to the:

1) Grade of the titanium and platinum plates

Kangen Water Ionizers use pure, medical grade titanium and platinum ionization plates that consistently produce antioxidant, alkaline and hexagonal micro-clustered water. The electrode plate used in the electrolysis cell is also larger and thicker than other ionizers in the market. As a result, the electrode plates in Kangen Water Ionizers are very durable and completely rust-proof.

2) Power supply unit

Water Ionizers require high wattage(230 watts) and a continuous power supply to their electrolysis plates in order to ionize the water. Each and every Kangen Water Ionizer is built to withstand the high wattage passing through the ionizing plates. Many other units with lower grade titanium, platinum and flimsier electrolysis plates simply cannot handle the high wattage and over heat or even melt, releasing toxic chemicals to the water as a result.

3) Automatic Cleaning System

Mineral clusters may stick to the electrode plates of any water ionizer due to the existing minerals present in the water supply. This attachment decreases the functionality of producing alkaline water, resulting in a short life span of the machine. Kangen Water Ionizers have a built-in cleaning cartridge that is essential in maintaining the functional state of the water system.

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