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The Shocking Truth About Your Diet and Why You Need Kangen Water

September 7, 2016 by stephen chapman in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

The march of the processed food, sugar laden, multi-national company sponsored western diet across the world is leading to massive problems in the health of our society. For the United Kingdom alone, Diabetes has increased by 65% over the last decade and the UK population is forecast to be the most obese in Europe.

“Obesity is the new smoking”, said Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England. “It is a slow-motion car crash in terms of avoidable illness and rising health care costs.”simon stevens

*According to estimates from Public Health England, two thirds of adultsand a quarter of children between two and 10 years old are overweight or obese.Obese children are more likely to become overweight adults and to suffer premature ill health and mortality, and by 2034, 70 per cent of adults are expected to be overweight or obese. This challenge will not go away.

As for the financial consequences of obesity for the NHS, Simons Stevens puts it eloquently: “If as a nation we keep piling on the pounds around the waistline, we’ll be piling on the pounds in terms of future taxes needed just to keep the NHS afloat.”

Obesity increases the risk of a number of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, cancers, depression and anxiety. Severely obese individuals are three times more likely to require social care than those with a normal weight, resulting inincreased risk of hospitalisation and associated health and social care costs.

Obesity3Estimates suggest obesity cost the NHS £5.1 billion in 2006/07, including obesity medication, the increasing use of bariatric surgery and new equipment to accommodate larger people. This is more than the £3.3 billion attributed to smoking related ill health and £3.3 billion attributed to alcohol related ill health. In additionobesity costs social care a further £352 million in extra hours of help.

*source: http://www.nuffieldtrust.org.uk/

Horrific reading, isn’t it? So what can we do about it? How can we help our extended families to enjoy better health and reduce the rise of obesity and lifestyle disease in our homes.

Well, a new approach to our diets would massively help. I would refer you to theEnzyme Factory written by Dr Hiromi Shinya and the book sponsored by the American Anti Cancer Institute called Killing Cancer Not People. Each of these books promotes better diet and supplements, including Kangen Water, to detox and balance our body condition to enable a positive, healthy future.


The following video may be hard viewing but I believe everyone should watch it because it shows how people’s health improves by following a diet as recommended by Mr Shinya and the healing benefit of such a diet.

Dr Hiromi Shinya

Pretty shocking, yes? Well, sometimes we need a shock to make the kind of changes we need to make into our lives.  I believe that Kangen Water can really help your health and that of your family. Whether you consider yourself to be healthy or not, Kangen Water can change your future health.

The longevity of people in the UK is increasing because of the development of modern medicine in keeping us alive for longer however this does not transfer into a wellness factor as the queues at NHS hospitals and General Practitioner surgeries indicate.

I am of an older generation, currently 68 years old having been born in 1947. I want to have an active life, not avoidable bed ridden or having to down blister packs of prescription medicine every day.

“The average life expectancy for people in England has risen from 75.9 years in 1990 to 81.3 years in 2013, a new study has found, but divisions remain between figures for the north and south.

Public Health England scientists found that a slowdown in the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and some cancers in this period meant that people in England could expect to live 5.4 years longer.

This happened despite an increase in the number of deaths from liver disease.

Average life expectancy across the UK rose from 75.7 years in 1990 to 81.

South East England had the best life expectancy in the whole UK at 82.4 years, while Scotland had the worst at 79.1 years.

The figures, published in The Lancet, use data from The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2013 (GBD 2013).”

…. “But it’s not all good news: A larger older population also meant that conditions linked with old age such as dementia and injuries to the joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves were more common.

Low back and neck pain, along with hearing and vision loss and depression were among the illnesses faced by people who lived longer.”

Source: ITV.com

You may be skeptical about adopting a new diet and health habits. I understand. I felt skepticism too but what I found was my health massively improved from making the kind of changes I would recommend. I suffered from Diverticular Disease of the bowel and had to take pain killers daily. Since I have been drinking Kangen Water, my symptoms have eased considerable.hiromi shinya the enzyme factor

I would recommend you at least seek a 30 day Kangen Water trial and a change in diet as recommended by Mr Shinya and the American Anti Cancer Institute or that recommended by Dr Berry Awe in a previous post on this site. 

If you live in the UK , call or message me to get a Kangen Water trial. I will do my best to put you in touch with someone who can help. I am still seeking business partners across the UK to help more and more people to enjoy the benefits of Kangen Water. Perhaps that may be one of your considerations also.

Whatever you decide, I am sure you will agree that we need to find ways in which to inspire populations around the world to change their dietary habits if we are to battle the progress of lifestyle disease, particularly obesity.




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