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Good Health with Kangen Water

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“in my opinion, redox potential is more important than pH. For example, the average pH of blood is 7.4 and acidosis or alkalosis are defined according to deviation within the range of 7.4 + -0.05. But nothing has been discussed about ORP, or oxidation-reduction potential.”

“It has long been established that reactive oxygen species (ROS) (free radicals that contain the oxygen atom) cause many types of damage to biomolecules and cellular structures, that, in turn result in the development of a variety of pathogenic states such as diabetes, cancer and ageing. Reduced water is defined as anti-oxidative water produced by reduction of water. Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) has been demonstrated to be hydrogen-rich water and can scavenge ROS in vitro (Shirahata et al., 1997).”

~Dr. Yoshiaki Matsuo PhD., Vice President of the Water Institute of Japan

Okay so in layman’s terms (this is me writing now – Sarah Chapman not a Dr) the easiest thing to know is that ORP is a key reason that Kangen Water is beneficial for your health! With an ORP of even lower than -200 millivolts Kangen Water is literally the exact opposite of sugar or sweetener filled drinks. Everyone has been filled with buzz words such as ‘antioxidants’, ‘sugar free’ and ‘low fat’, this all helps sales but does not necessarily educate the public on true health options. Just because you do not smoke, don’t drink alcohol or avoid tea and coffee for example does not equal health. Our bodies are always working away to assimilate or eliminate, What we put in our bodies are processed and what is useful is assimilated (used) and what is useless is eliminated. Elimination happens through respiration, perspiration, urination and the waste process. Sadly much of the modern diet has more to eliminate than assimilate. Take a look at the video below so that you can see this within the context of the most popular choices of beverage. Yes it may be a liquid you are consuming but is it beneficial to your body? Is it acidic? Does it have a positive mv charge or a negative one? Remember when you watch this video and think on your drink of choice, if it is a positive ORP you are oxidising your body – this is the opposite of eating and drinking anything with anti oxidant properties.



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